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Seniors United Now FAQ


Who / Want does SUN represent?

SUN stands for Alberta Seniors United Now Society and is registered under the Alberta
Societies Act (#5010654969)

Seniors United Now is a non-profit, non-partisan organization created on August 27, 2003 to enable ALL Seniors in Alberta to contribute and truly participate in the well being of the province.

We are dedicated to ensuring the equitable treatment in the community, for Seniors by making our collective voices heard.

We are committed to being a contributing part of the changes necessary to meet the dynamics
of a growing and changing Senior population.

Our Vision: 
The Voice of Seniors in Alberta

Our Mission: To represent every Senior in Alberta as the leading advocate and resource on issues affecting their quality of life.  Using our experience we seek to develop the most creative, innovative and financially responsible solutions

What is SUN's history?

April 2003 - Yvonne Sutherland and Grahame Blundell form SUN to fight for Senior’s lost benefits

August 2003 - Bylaws registered – the Society is formed

November 2003 - Election of  1st Board

January 2004 - Membership Database created on computer; Bylaws updated

March 31, 2004 - 1st Annual General Meeting – Election of Officers

May 1, 2005- Appointment of Ron Ellis as  1st Executive Director

Seniors United Now came out of a turbulent and chaotic reaction to the government cutbacks to seniors’ programs in 2003.   It has evolved into a much broader based, credible and dynamic organization that is a leading resource and advocate on seniors’ issues.

Our organization has over 1200 members located all over Alberta with an active provincial board, an executive director, an office manager, a coordinator of membership, and a growing team of volunteers.   We currently have chapters located In St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Edmonton NE, Edmonton South and Calgary with a mandate to expand to other areas of the province.

SUN is a member of the Seniors’ Task Force under the umbrella of PIA (Public Interest Alberta) which involves such organizations as ARTA (Alberta Retired Teachers), The United Nurses of Alberta, SALT (Seniors Action Liaison Team), ACA (Alberta Council on Aging), Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP), Friends of Medicare and Whitemud Citizens for Public Health to name a few.

Our SUN provincial board meets and communicates regularly with government ministers of the legislature to discuss and advocate on issues related to health care (long term care and home care in particular), supports and benefits, pharmacare and taxation.

SUN stands for Alberta Seniors United Now Society and is registered under the Alberta Societies Act (#5010654069).

How can Seniors help themselves?

SUN members must realize that the effectiveness of these activities is hugely influenced by the size of our membership.  Seniors are in the unique position of having knowledge and experience beyond the ordinary. 

We have a responsibility to use that knowledge and experience to guide our elected officials and they have a responsibility to listen.

1. Become a member now.

2. Renew your annual membership.

3. Talk to your relatives, friends and neighbours and encourage them up to sign up as SUN members.

One member of SUN shared the following story with us:

She was asked by her children what would she like for her birthday? 

Like most seniors she had learned the need to be frugal and had long since accumulated the functional household items required. 

Admittedly she was finding it more and more difficult to pay her monthly living costs but this was not something she wished to burden others with. 

Her answer – she asked each of her children to become members of SUN and to actively participate to bring about a better life for all persons as they grow older.

4. Make a donation and encourage others to make a donation.

5. Exercise your vote.

6. Volunteer.

7. Attend Annual General Meeting, rallies and other activities organized by SUN.

8. Contact government MLA’s by sending letters and making telephone calls.

Who can be a member of SUN?

Any person in Alberta can become a member of SUN. 

However, only those people 55 and older may vote at the Annual General Meeting.

Non-Albertans can also be non-voting associate members.

Visit our JOIN page for more details...

How do I apply for membershipt? How long is membership valid?

You can apply for an annual membership (that will be renewed on your anniversary date) by filling out an application form and send it to the office along with payment (cheque or cash).

Annual:  $25 per year per person | $50 for 2 years per person 
Annual: $40 per year per couple | $80 for 2 years per couple

Lifetime: $200 per person  |  $300 per couple

Association/Group membership: $100 annually


If you require assistance please:

Send us an email from our contact us page

Give the office a call at 780-449-1816 or Toll Free 1-855-786-8669
or visit the office in Sherwood Park.

Please complete the form with your your name, address, and phone number and submit along with your membership payment to:  

Seniors United Now
Sherwood Business Center
Unit 37 #15
2016 Sherwood Drive
Sherwood Park, AB T8A 3X3

Donations, in addition to membership fees are accepted, thank you.

Do government or private funds subsidize SUN?

SUN is entirely funded by members’ fees and fundraising activities. 


We will accept grants and donations from individuals, corporations, and organizations in order to help minimize our membership fees

If you or your corporation wish to financially assist SUN, please contact our administrator.  You may also call the office at 780-449-1816.  Thank you.

How are my membership fees being used?

Your membership fees are used for the usual office expenses, rent, photocopying, postage, internet access.

In addition, a significant portion of membership fees is spent on communicating with and keeping our members informed. 

We encourage our members to read our quarterly newsletter - SUNBURST, attend the Annual General Meeting, Regional meetings, Chapter meetings and other functions organized by SUN.

We have two three paid part-time employees: Office Administrator, Membership/Volunteer Coordinator and an Executive Director.

The majority of salary expenses are covered by fundraising activities.

Directors are not paid, however they are reimbursed for out of pocket expenses when they are on SUN business.

How do I spread the word about SUN in my community?

Talk to your friends, neighbours & relatives about SUN and what we are trying to accomplish. 

Urge them to become members or make a donation. 

You can also call the office to request that we send out to you a brochure and applications to help with the recruiting process.

... and share this website with them www.seniorsunitednow.com and share us on your social network!

Who are the Board of Directors and how are they elected?

The Board of Directors is comprised of "no fewer than five(5) and no more than eleven (11)" directors representing a varied group of mostly retired people. 

You can view their biographies here.  The Directors are elected at the AGM and are to serve a term of 2 years.  If a Director wishes to continue on the board they must be reelected at the Annual General Meeting. 

If required, the Board of Directors may appoint Acting Directors; however, they must then be confirmed at the next AGM.

How do I contact SUN?

Phone: 780-449-1816

Toll Free: 1-855-786-8669


Seniors United Now
Sherwood Business Center
Unit 37 #15
2016 Sherwood Drive
Sherwood Park, AB
T8A 3X3
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