Lynn Fraser

As a coach, mentor, facilitator, 25-year business owner, wife of 34 years and mother of two young adults, Lynn brings practical life experience and a whole brain coach approach to her work.  In conversations with seniors, family members, volunteers and service providers at SAGE Housing Forums, seniors centre classes and events, Age Friendly Edmonton Phone Chats and in person decluttering and organizing with seniors in their homes, Lynn has gained a clear understanding of older person’s issues.

She has a special talent for connecting seniors and families with up-to-date, practical information and trustworthy service people and programs in their communities.  She builds & nurtures relationships with program leaders, instructors, agency staff and service providers to engage and support seniors to stay healthy, happy and independent longer. For her own life balance, Lynn walks, gardens, cooks, self & buddy coaches and meditates daily.  She catches local events with her husband & friends and loves to groove to the Blues.

I’m looking forward to meeting each of our members and volunteers at the AGM and over the upcoming months.

My role is to support you in being successful as SUN members and volunteers.  I will build relationships with new and existing volunteers; find out what you need for support, both people and resources, and then connect the right people to the appropriate volunteer opportunity.

I know you bring a wealth of experience from your career and life.  I’m open to learning more about you and how you would like to contribute to Improving the quality of life of all seniors in Alberta.
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Chapter Organizational Help
Serving on a Chapter Steering Committee (Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary)
Organization of Chapter meetings – room set up, refreshment preparation, clean up
Phoning meeting reminders
Arranging and coordinating guest speakers
Carrying out research as assigned by the Chapter Steering Committee
These positions would report to the Chapter Steering Committees, with liaison through the Volunteer Coordinator

Board of Directors
Running for and serving on the Provincial Board of Directors.

Trade Shows/Community Events
Serving at SUN information booths to hand out printed information and talk with interested members of the public
A thorough knowledge of SUN is required
Supervision provided by the Volunteer Coordinator

Research Assignments
As requested by the Board of Directors through the Volunteer Coordinator
Research would be related to priority issues the Board is involved in
Reporting back to the Board through a written report – or verbal if invited by the Board

Provincial Phoning Committee
Carrying out Province-wide phoning tasks as assigned by the Volunteer Coordinator

Serving on the fundraising committee
Researching and reporting to the board on fundraising ideas
Carrying out the work involved for fundraising events approved by the board
Grant writing
Supervision provided by the Volunteer Coordinator
Please contact at 780-449-1816 or complete and submit form below. Looking forward to your service!
Seniors United Now has a proud heritage of volunteerism in working as a voice of seniors in Alberta.
International Volunteer Day

International Volunteer Day was established by the United Nations General Assembly on December 17, 1985.

On International Volunteer Day, we celebrate and recognize volunteerism in all its facets.  If your volunteering helps youth, aids in moving towards global peace or sustainable human development  it all contributes to building a stronger community somewhere.  SUN recognizes all volunteer commitments and applaud hundreds of millions of people who volunteer to make the world a better place.

Your voluntary engagement might sometimes go unnoticed to the world, but your actions count in the communities that have benefited from your hard work, and they certainly count to SENIORS UNITED NOW.

Thank you for your time to volunteer and join us in celebrating Alberta’s amazing spirit of volunteerism.
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